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Can I have a Toilet in a Garden Room or Shed?

Having your own summer house, garden room or shed can be such a blessing no matter what the season may be, but it can be a little bit monotonous to traipse back and forth from your house to your outdoor haven due to a lack of toilet or shower. Having a toilet or shower installed inside your summer house, garden room or shed could no doubt be a possibility, as it doesn’t take much to install new plumbing for your outdoor haven! So, whether you have an outdoor office amongst the relaxing nature of your backyard, a summer playhouse for your children to enjoy or even a working shed that contains all of your tools and materials while offering space to get creative, you could more than likely upgrade it by adding your own toilet or shower! It’s becoming more popular than ever to build your own outdoor property, so there’s no time like the present to understand more about the limitations and opportunities that come with such an investment.

Can you put a working toilet in a summer house, garden room or shed?

YES! A toilet can be installed in a garden room, as it does not need to meet building regulations approval due to its separation and size. Building regulations and planning permissions are not common for a garden room, so they are generally not required for installing a toilet. For the purposes of planning, a garden room is classed as a small detached outbuilding, which does not usually need to meet any requirements if not connected up to facilities or used as living accommodation. This means that you can go ahead with your plans to create the perfect outdoor area that maintains the commodities you need to thrive!

How is a toilet installed in a garden room, shed or summer house?

toilet installed in a garden room

Installing a toilet inside a garden room should be planned during initial design stages, as attempting to fit a toilet inside a pre-built structure will no doubt lead to additional costs and longer project times. For a large percentage of toilet installations, the system will be connected to existing water and sewage pipes at your property – one for clean water, and one to remove sewage or wastewater. These pipes have to be underground, so you may need excavation work to lay pipes properly. The aforementioned groundwork is generally the most expensive aspect of garden room toilet installation. If you cannot connect your toilet to a pre-existing system, then you will need to spend a lot more time and money on your installation. This will be especially true for longer gardens with a garden room situated right at the end, as more excavations will need to be done to connect your pipes properly.

Garden room with toilet – planning permission information

When you are attempting to think up what kind of enticing garden room that you would like to create inside your backyard, it tends to be planning permission that holds you back from truly turning your dreams into a reality. Fortunately, the process of installing a toilet in a garden room needs no planning permission due to its detachment from any other property. It’s always a good idea to check in with your Local Planning Authority just to be certain, but for most outbuildings Permitted Development rights apply – this means that garden rooms can be installed without the need for the homeowner to apply for planning permission, so any further concerning decisions that relate to the garden room can be made by the homeowner themselves without gaining confirmation or permission from the council.

Building regulations for having a garden room with toilet

garden room with toilet

In most circumstances, you don’t need to follow any kind of building regulations when you would like to create your own garden room with a toilet. Building regulations are different to Planning Permissions as they focus on the structural integrity rather than design and aesthetics. Priorities for building regulations include efficiency, fire safety and ventilation, but due to the fact that garden rooms are classified as small outbuildings, they are excluded from any normal regulations unless they are attached to your home, more than 15m squared, or have their own self contained sleeping accommodation. It’s a good idea to investigate any necessary building regulations if your garden room does meet the criteria described above, as you may need to follow certains steps to make sure you create a legal and safe structure.

Costs associated with a garden room that has a shower or toilet

There are various different things that need to be taken into consideration when you are attempting to figure out the cost of a garden room with a shower or toilet. The planning permission, regulations, tradesmen, materials, tools and time that you need for a shower or toilet are just a few of the essential things required that can cost a lot of money for you to source. You might need to install an electrical panel with all-new wiring, and there’s no doubt about the fact that you will need pipe park and waste outlets if you plan on putting a toilet inside your summer house, garden room or shed. It’s far more expensive to rip up a pre-existing floor to carry out all of these works, so it makes far more sense to install a toilet and/or shower in the beginning of your construction journey rather than after it’s completion.

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