Garden Room Price Comparison Garden Room Price Comparison

Price Comparison

GardenRooms 365 make for a cost-effective alternative to the traditional home extensions, being cheaper per square metre and having no hidden costs involved. When compared to the traditional single-story extension, conservatory or loft conversion, a garden room is a more exciting alternative way to adding space to your home, that is not only utilising your land in a unique way, but opens a wider possibility of uses than their alternatives.

The bonus of a GardenRoom 365, they rarely require planning permission and are installed on-site by us, which is a lot less time consuming and little disruption to your family home compared to your traditional building projects.

What better way to show off your home, then being the envy of all your friends and family with this, made to measure hidden Gem in your Garden.


What option would be the best for you?

Single Story Extension

Compare Garden Room Cost


Compare Garden Room Cost

Garden Room

Garden room cost comparison

Loft Conversion

compare the cost of a garden room
Options Min Price for M2 Price including flooring Price including electrics Price including heating
Single Story Extension £ 1,850
Conservatory £ 1,120
Loft Conversion £ 1,320
Garden Room £ 916
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