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How Much Does a Garden Room Cost?

Garden rooms are the perfect addition to any home. They provide a comfortable extra outdoor space for your family to enjoy during all seasons, and you can use them as an office or study area. It adds to the property’s living space. If you are asking yourself, does the garden room add value to the home?, it sure does. Depending on how much room you need, materials used, and what extras you want to add to your garden room, the garden room cost will vary accordingly.

Estimated prices for garden rooms

There are a few variables that could impact the price you would pay for a garden home office. These variables include the shape, size and style you prefer. Below is a table that will give you an idea about the starting prices based on size.  

Garden Building SizeGarden Room Prices Starting From
2.5m x 2.5m£13,550
4m x 2.5m£15750
5m x 3m£18,250
5m x 4m£20,159
5m x 5m£23,999
6m x 5m£27,050

Garden room cost (various shapes)

The garden room costs also vary depending upon the various shapes of the structures. There are several different shaped garden buildings that you can choose from when getting your garden room built.

365 Floating Corner Garden Room Cost

The starting price on a 365 floating corner garden room starts at £25,999 and rises based on which options you choose when it comes to style and size. For example, a Classic Timber floating corner 5mx6m starting prices would be £34,000, whereas a Stone Finish on a 5mx5m garden room prices would start at £29,000. The size options on the 365 Floating Corner garden room are 5mx4m, 5mx5m and 5mx6m.

365 Corner Garden Room Cost

Corner Garden Room

The 365 Corner garden room offers options in classic timber, rendered or stone styles but offers more flexible sizes in this shape. The sizes on offer start from 2.5mx2.5m, rising up to 6mx5m. The starting price for classic timber styles starts at £14,350, rising to a £27,999 starting price for larger rooms. Rendered and stone finishes are slightly more expensive, with starting prices at £16,750 for small rooms climbing to a starting price of £33,000 for 5mx6m rooms.

365 L-Section Garden Room Cost

L-Section Garden Room

This garden office starts with prices on the classic timber style for a 5mx4m room at $22,000, with the starting price rising to £25,000 on the larger 5mx6m option. Rendered or stone options would cost you £27000 on the smaller option, rising to £33,000 on the larger room.

365 Central Garden Room Cost

Central Garden Room

The central garden room is one of the cheaper options, with prices on the classic timber finish starting at £13,550 on the 2,5mx2,5m size, rising through six size options in total. The 5mx6m room starts at £27,050. The rendered and stone styling starting prices would be around £2000 higher than the classic timber on the smaller rooms, rising to £5000 pounds more on the larger rooms.

365 Concave Garden Room Cost

Concave Garden Room

The 365 Concave garden room starts off at around £15,350 for the classic timber finish on a 2,5mx2,5m small garden room. The largest room of 5mx6m starts at £29,344 with classic timber styling. The rendered and stone styling options add an additional £2,000 – £3,000 to the smaller rooms and are £5000+ more expensive than the classic timber on the 5mx6m garden room.

365 Central Canopy Cost

This garden room is very similarly priced to the concave room mentioned above. In fact, the prices are around £1,000 cheaper per size option than the 365 concave room. Prices for the classic timber finish starts at £14,150 for a 2,5mx2,5m garden room, rising to £28,199 for a 6mx5m room with a classic timber finish. The stone and rendered finishes will cost you between £2000 to £5000 more than the classic timber styling depending on the room size.

What is included in the cost of a garden room?

The ultimate cost of your perfect garden room has a lot of different elements included in it. All these various factors combine to give the actual cost of building your garden room.  It is important for you to know what all these elements are in the quotation you receive from any garden room companies you enquire with.

Below is the table with all these factors explained: 

ElementIncluded in quote of starting priceDetails
VATMost of the timeVAT refers to Value Added Tax and most companies include this in their quote.
Materials & deliveryPartiallyDelivery charges are included in the quote within a certain radius of the business. Outside of that radius there may be extra charges. Standard materials should also be included in the quote but you may need to check for any specialist requests.
InstallationMost of the timeMost of the garden room installation companies include installation charges in their starting price. For some predesigned models, there can be an extra installation charge as an option.
FoundationsMost of the timeMost garden room manufacturing companies add the pricing of the foundations in the starting price . However, there may be some contractors that price it separately.
InsulationMajority of the timeInsulation of the walls and roofs is almost always added in the pricing. There may be some that offer it as an extra option and they will let you know about that in their quotation.
External CladdingMost of the timeMost of the companies include the cost of external cladding in their starting price. However, this pricing generally covers the cost of only their most basic finish.
Doors & WindowsMost of the timeThe starting price of a garden room includes the cost of a standard door and a window in it. This door would be likely made of a uPVC material. Any customisations you need would cost extra.
RoofsMost of the timeThe starting price of a garden building routinely includes the price of a roof covering. This is usually for the standard options such as insulated steel or EPDM membranes. For a higher cost, there can be options to upgrade the roofing materials.
Lighting & PowerMajority of the timeGenerally, garden room installation companies include the cost of wiring and setting up electrical outlets in their initial quote. However, should you have any lighting or electrical requirements that would be considered specialist, you should expect to pay more.

What optional extras can add to the cost?

Customisation is key when it comes to truly making a garden room your own. Bear in mind though, the further you deviate away from what is considered a “standard build” the more you increase the price.

Interior Decoration

The basic starting cost of a garden room generally gives you a basic structure of walls, door, windows and a roof. In the event that you wish to add some elements of interior decoration to your new extra space, it would have an impact on the pricing. This interior decoration work includes customising paint colours, tiles, adding furniture etc. 


The basic price of the garden room can give you insulation, however if you need a heating feature added to the room, that will include an extra cost. You can get an option to upgrade to a heating feature in the beginning as well so before you choose a plan you can make an informed decision.

Data Cables

If you want data cables installed in your garden room to allow internet access and networking then that will also add to the garden room costs. Most companies do not offer this as part of their basic pricing and charge extra for it. 


A basic garden room that you get installed generally is very low tech. It generally has electrical wiring done and power outlets installed but that is about it. If you need any technological advancements added to this room, then that will also add the ultimate cost of your garden room. 

Shower and toilet

The cost of a garden room with shower and toilet would obviously be more than the starting price that you are quoted. This is a special customisation that is only done based on the client’s request. The size of the bathroom and shower area would be another factor impacting the price. 

Exterior lighting 

If you need lights installed on the exterior of your garden office or building then this added extra will cost you more. Different types of lights and the number of lights you get installed will also change the final cost of the garden building. 


If you want the noise generated inside the garden room to stay inside and you want to stay away from the noise outside, you may want to soundproof it. Soundproofing is an additional customisation that would increase the cost of the room. 

How the type of garden room can impact the price

There are different types of garden rooms that you can get installed. Which type of room you require and what customisations go into also play a major role in the pricing of the rooms. A truly bespoke garden room can have a lot of unique additions. However, you’ll also need to make sure you have the correct planning permission for the type of garden room you require.

Below are some of the types of rooms most garden room companies offer:

Garden Room Bar

Garden Room Bar

Adding a Garden Room Bar to your home is the perfect way to entertain guests and create an atmosphere that brings people together. There are various styling options that will impact the garden room worth and cost.

Garden Room Spa

A Garden Room Spa is the perfect retreat for relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating after a long day at work or just to escape with friends. With plenty of options available, you are sure to find something that will suit your needs within your budget.

Garden Room Gym

If you are into working out and staying healthy, then a gym in your own garden would be the perfect thing for you. You can choose what equipment you need and how to utilise the space to get the perfect garden gym. These details will play a role in the price.

Garden Room Sauna

A sauna can be a nice relaxing place where you can sweat out the stress from your mind and toxins from your body to feel refreshed. Whatever equipment and installations that are needed to convert the garden room into a sauna will add to the cost.

Can you build a garden room on a budget?

Even if you are working with a tight budget, you can very much build a garden room. As we have mentioned above, the pricing depends upon the different options you choose and the customisations that go into it. As with anything, it is best to leave building a garden room to the experts. Professional garden room suppliers can build one for you from scratch or install a prefabricated one as per requirement. 

Garden room cost guide by Garden Rooms 365

Choosing the perfect garden room that suits your needs, fulfils your dreams, and fits within your budget can seem daunting, but remember, you’re not alone in this journey.

Here at Garden Rooms 365, we are a garden room company with years of experience, thousands of completed projects and even more happy customers. We are experts in creating the best bespoke garden rooms for your home.

To get started, you can use our garden room cost calculator to get an idea of pricing or get a free quote for your bespoke garden room by contacting our friendly team today. 

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